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Lennox 64X36 UV Germicidal Lamp for Healthy Climate UV500 & UV1000 Air Purifier

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>>> Lennox 64X36 UV Germicidal Lamp <<<

Lennox 64X36 UV Germicidal Lamp

Feature :

  • Effective Hours Rating: 10,000hrs - Ultraviolet Germicidal very soft Bulb
  • Includes Free Gloves for Installation
  • Base Type: 4pins ONE END
  • Bulb Type: T5 design Quartz Glass

Details :

You are purchasing one unit of the Lennox 64X36 UV Germicidal Lamp for Healthy Climate UV500 & UV1000 Air Purifier 10,000 Hour extensive life-time Lamp 1 Year warrantee comprises Free Gloves for Handling UV scorching Cathode Germicidal UV Bulbs (UV-C), are low-pressure mercury arc lamps that are the almost all beneficial resource for eradicating microorganisms such as virus, bacteria, mold and yeast in the air and impurities in water.

Produces UV-C (253.7 nm wavelength) radiation (harmful to eyes and skin).

Specifications: AVERAGE LIFE: 10,000 Hours BASE TYPE: 4 Pin Cell PIN PATTERN: Square Box FAMILY: Germicidal UVC Lamps ENDS: lone End BULB FINISH: clear consuming POSITION: standard Burn OUTPUT: UV-C SPECTRAL PEAK: 253.7nm appropriate Bulb Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Manufacturers Specifications and Performance.

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Are Low-pressure Mercury Arc Lamps That Are The the vast majority of useful instrument For doing away with Microorganisms Such As Virus, Bacteria, Mold And Yeast In The Air And Impurities In Water.

Produces UV-C (253.7 Nm Wavelength) Radiation (harmful