Air purifiers

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The Prozone PZ-6 destroys pollutants and pathogens, both chemical and biological, without giving off ANY harmful byproducts. It will eliminate odors, leaving your bedroom or your office smelling fresh and feeling fresh. It is compact, only 6" wide, The PZ-6 can be run continuously if desired Can

Warranty 2 year limited warranty. The PZ1 110 VAC spa ozone generator for portable spas up to 800 gallons features our patented Corona Hybrid Arc Tube, solid state ballast and standard installation kit. Prozone patented Corona Hybrid Arc Tube harnesses the high ozone concentrations PZ1 110 VAC

Warranty 1 year parts 1 year labor. The Prozone PZ6 Air Purification Unit is a compact, effective source for purifying and cleaning the air. Leaving the air fresh and clean like you see after a thunderstorm. Easy to use, just plug in and turn on. No filters to clean. It will destroy Compact,