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9" PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) Cell. Compare to ActivTek and EcoQuest 9" RCI Cell Compatible with: EcoQuest DuctwoRx Residential ActiveTek Induct 2000

Coverage: Up to 50 ft² (Depending on Environment) Scalable Ozone Generation & Ultra-Quiet Ball-Bearing Fan Ozone Output: 20-50 mg/hr 100V AC - 60Hz; 10W - 25W (RoHs Compliant, CE, Australia/New Zealand) 90 Days Manufacturer's Limited Warranty The GT50 is a Convenient Plug-In Purifier that is great

Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty. Unlike ordinary automobile air purifiers, the pureAir MOTION's revolutionary, leading edge Cluster Ionization Technology cleans the air in your vehicle the same way nature cleans the air outdoors. By using the combined power of positive and negative Advanced

Introducing the MINIMATE GT, the new and improved version of the top-selling item in the Wein Products line of advanced and scientifically-acclaimed respiratory protection products. The new GT Model of this internationally-heralded personal air Create your own personal No Smog Zone with this

Brand new to the air purifier market is the pureAir 3000 from GreenTech Environmental. The new pureAir 3000 is the eagerly-awaited successor to the filterless active-technology Whole-House Air Purifier by GreenTech Environmental LLC that has been a Introduces Next Generation Technology incuding