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You are purchasing one unit of the Lennox 64X36 UV Germicidal Lamp for Healthy Climate UV500 & UV1000 Air Purifier 10,000 Hour Long Life Lamp 1 Year Warranty Includes Free Gloves for Handling UV Hot Cathode Germicidal UV Bulbs (UV-C), are Effective Hours Rating: 10,000hrs - Ultraviolet Germicidal

The aero spa replacement filter cartridge is specially designed to collect oils, dirt, and silts. It is constructed of reinforced polyester material that is pleated and strains the water of debris with resin end caps. This filter needs to be cleaned Replacement Filter Cartridge Dimensions: 4 x 4 x

Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty. Solair 3500 Pro Air Purifier attacks any organic, chemical, or bacteria odors at the root of the problem, leaving the entire room or home smelling fresh and clean like right after a fresh Spring rain! This unit is especially effective in controlling KEY FEATURES:

Attention: Please add water below the internal vertical stripes. Before press the "MIST" button, please ensure that you have added water into the tank. Description: Mist Control Touch "MIST" to switch the mist capacity during gradual changing--High Safety: essential oil diffuser humilified and

2003DC-6 Size: 25" H x 20" W x 1" D Features: -Ultra allergen furnace filter. -1250 Performance rating. -90% Effective at capturing large allergens like mold and pet dander. -Captures micro allergens like dust and smoke. -Captures bacteria and 3M 2003DC-6 Indoor Air Filtration

Hunter GENUINE OEM 30987 Filter Fits Model. Hunter Argenus Air Purifiers: 30580, 30581, 30582 Genuine OEM Hunter Brand Filter Includes 1 Hunter Argenus Filter Approximate Dimensions: 16" x 14-1/2" x 3-5/8" 1 Each

*** Please Note: This is a supplementary medical device and NOT intended to be used for ANY prescription purpose. *** Potential Customers: // White-collar women: skin care; skin nutrition and elasticity maintenance;Flow Oxygen Concentrator Please read the specifications below carefully before

BRAND NEW FLT 5000 FLT 5111 FLT5250 HEPA FILTER Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 1.8 x 19.2 inches ; 7.2 ounces For use with germguardian 3-in-1 air cleaning systems - 5000 model series Designed specifically to fit the GermGuardian Air purifier This is a 2 Pack - Will fit all 5000 model series including

Our Tier1 20x23x1 Air Filter MERV 11 comes in a 6-Pack. These pleated high-capacity filters are constructed using electrostatically charged filter media from Kimberly-Clark - a recognized leader in the filtration industry. This 100% synthetic Similar to the 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen 20x23x1 Air

Warranty 3 Year Factory Warranty . New Comfort Commercial Ozone Air Purifier. Designed for the toughest of jobs with an amazing 4000 mg/hr of Ozone produced! Ozone plate is rated for an amazing 5000 hours of use before needing replaced! Not only is it affordable but with its high end Produces an

Warranty 3 years. Germguardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True Hepa, UV-C Power and Odor Reduction. True HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens as small as .3 microns such as household dust, pet dander, mold spores and plant pollens. Charcoal filter reduces common odors from

Warranty 1 year. Our 3-in-1 UV Tabletop Air Purifier is the perfect air purifier for any small room or office. This complete air cleaning system features a HEPA filter, a charcoal/PCO filter and an Ultraviolet-C light - three powerful systems that capture 99.97% of HEPA Filter captures 99% of dust