Air purifiers

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Introducing the patent pending Flex Filter from Field Controls The ultra compact, easy-to-assemble media air cleaners that replace at least 25 of the most popular models With seven high efficiency MERV 11 models to choose from, stocking, storing, Replaces ALL major brands Installs in seconds and is

The newest addition to our UV-Aire line is the most powerful and versatile yet! It takes half the space of traditional UV units but delivers twice the power. Plus, installation is a breeze. EZ installation with monster magnet. No holes or fasteners Easy installation with monster magnet 180 degree

Warranty 10 year limited warranty excluding lamp and filters. Air Purification System, Brand/Series Trio, Product Type Portable, Coverage 1000SQFT, Electrical Rating 120V, Additional Information Four Stages of Filtration, High Intensity UVC Germicidal Lamp, Catalytic Grid Transforms Odors and VOC's

Installed directly inside forced-air ductwork, UV light silently and effectively reduces airborne contaminants including: molds, bacteria, yeasts, dust mites, and viruses that are associated with allergies and sick building syndrome. The UV rays Compact design to fit into tight spaces Built in

Warranty 10 years. For ductless systems and extra protection. Ideal for the bedroom or small office. Traps dust, zaps germs, and reduces smoke just like its larger cousins. Plugs into any standard 120 volt outlet. With tighter building construction in recent years, Uses UV germicidal light, carbon,