Air purifiers

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This is the San Air Purifier, a portable ozone & ion generating air purifier, All in One Commercial Grade System. This unit is small, making it convenient to move from one room to another or from building to building. Polluted indoor air is a very All in one, Portable Ionizer and Ozone Generating

With this True Hepa Filter installed on the back of the unit, you get the benefit of quick reduction of large particulates like dust, dead skin, floating dust mites and pollen, allowing your air purifier to work even more effectively. With Hepa Fits on Alpine, Ecoquest, Living Air Classic XL-15 and

This unit kills 99.99% of mold, mildew, germs and bacteria. It eliminates odors, smoke and tobacco smoke. It uses the same natural processes that a rain storm uses to clean the air. People who use this machine have testified that it has helped their Purifies the air in your entire home up to 2,500

4 Ozone Plates for Alpine Ecoquest Living Air Purifiers. Compatible with ALL MODELS of: Alpine - Better Living - Healthy Living - Ecoquest - Living Air - Lightning Air - Spring Air - Natures Air - Zen Living - Atlas - Horme Purifiers Measures 4.5" x 4.5" Based on Usage, Our Top Quality Ozone Plates