Air purifiers

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1000BT-12 has industrial quality with a consumer price. This ozone generator uses high output Corona Discharge Ozone Tube, together with a high flow ball bearing Cooling Fan (25 CFM) to ensure steady and high ozone output, ideal for treating High output corona discharge ozone tube with low power

Max. Ozone output: OZAC-PLUS 200 ------------------- 200mg/hr ozone output Max. ORP reading: 450mV Voltage: DC12V Power Adaptor: AC100V- 240V 50-60Hz,12W Certification: UL TUL CE Dimension: 240mmX240mmX110mm Ozone output: Adjustable between 10-100%

Enaly Air Dryer filled with extremely absorbent Silica Beads removes almost all moisture from the ambient air. Equipped with Filters at its air inlet and outlet, it dramatically reduces particles entering to your ozone generator and hence reduces