Air purifiers

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Warranty 5 Year. The P400 Air Purifier gives you highly efficient air purification at home. Insert the filter that meets your needs: ALLERGY (included), BABY or SMOG. Whether at home or at the office, the P400 will blend in effortlessly with your everyday Suitable for rooms up to 600 sq ft Special

The allergy filter removes small particles highly effective. That primarily includes pollen, mites, different fine dusts or other particles which are found in every living environment. The allergy filter comes with: 1. Anti-allergy layer 2. True Reduces 99Percent of allergens on the surface of the

Warranty 5 Year. The Air Purifier P500 is a true treasure. Not only does it provide a feast for the eyes at home or work, it also purifies air efficiently in accordance with your preferences. Three specialized, multi-stage filters act as active protective shields Suitable for rooms up to 720 sq

Warranty 5 Year. The H680 is an absolute all-rounder: Whether it is used as a Humidifier, Air Purifier or a combination of both – it satisfies all your needs. Its performance is one-of-a-kind in its appliance class. With an air-cleaning output of up to 190 m3/h High humidification output: Up to