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Airpura R600 All Purpose Air Purifier in White Powder Coated Steel Case EPA states indoor air quality is now the number one environmental health concern. Air Pura R600 portable air filter's powerful 560 CFM impeller draws air through an 18 lb Four Stages of Filtration: Pre-Filtration, Carbon,

Peer-reviewed studies have shown that both short-term and long-term exposure to poor indoor air can lead to respiratory problems such as runny noses, watery eyes, exacerbated allergies and asthma symptoms, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 3 levels of protection: HEPA filters, Carbon

Airpura Replacement Carbon Filter for AirPura Models R600, UV600, P600, P600+ 18 Lb., 2 Inch Carbon Filter Airpura carbon filters adsorb airborne chemicals to ensure the safest air possible. Replace the carbon filter at least every 2 years. More Controls odors and airborne chemicals Extra-large

Airpura Industries 2 PACK PRE-FILTERS For R600, UV600, P600, V600, C600 Airpura Industries 2 PACK PREFILTERS

Airpura replacement 3" carbon filter. Fits models C600 and T600. 3 inch Replacement Carbon Filet Fits AirPura Models C600 and T600

Because the EPA has noted that indoor air pollution levels can be up to 10 times worse than the levels found outdoors, air purifiers have been flooding the market. Unfortunately, many often claim to provide complete air filtration, but end up Offers the most complete filtration technology for

Airpura replacement TarBarrier pre-filter - 6 PACK. Fits model T600. Fits model T600 Airpura replacement TarBarrier pre-filter - 6 PACK

Airpura replacement pre-filter. Fits models R600, UV600, P600, P6000+, V600, C600, H600, and I600. Should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year.

Features: * Unimpeded airflow * Separate electrical parts chamber * Separate filters allow for individual changing * Two micro suppress filters subdue bacteria and viruses * True HEPA filter traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns * 18lb., Unimpeded airflow Separate electrical parts

Airborne particles are a potential source of infections in hospitals and other medical facilities, and the CDC has stressed the importance of evaluating medical facilities for these types of particulates in order to ensure the safety of both Purifiers large areas up to 2000 square feet Hospital

Modern interiors release harmful chemicals. Formaldehyde from furniture, carpets. Ammonia from cleaning materials. Pesticides tracked in from outdoors. Benzene, toluene from heating fuels, paints and glues. HEPA Filter - as long as 5 years in normal Modern interiors release harmful

Extra large carbon bed for maximum chemical adsorbtion. The 26 pound activated carbon bed removes thousands of types of chemicals and gases from your air. Excellent for people with MCS or with any tough chemical abatement need. Prefilter and Multi-Stage Filtration: Pre-Filtration, 2 Micro-Supress