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Our Tier1 12x30x1 Air Filter MERV 11 comes in a 6-Pack. These pleated high-capacity filters are constructed using electrostatically charged filter media from Kimberly-Clark - a recognized leader in the filtration industry. This 100% synthetic Similar to the 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen 12x30x1 Air

The InvisiClean Air Purifier is a 4-in-1 system with true HEPA, Ionizer, UV-C, and Odor reducer all in one compact and slim design. This is the most complete air purifier available. This unit has all the features you will need to create a best clean The Ultimate Air Purifier - 4 Levels of Air

Austin Air Healthmate Junior Plus Air Purifier. For your everyday air quality concerns. This air cleaner removes a wide range of airborne particles, chemicals, gases and odors and will significantly improve the quality of air in your home. Product Austin Healthmate Plus JUNIOR PLus - SuperBlend Air

FREE SHIPPING:Product Description: This high quality compatible replacement media is for use in a: Micropower Guard, Nature's Home MicroPower Guard, One Hour Xenon MicroPower Guard, Pristine Air. These air cleaners utilizes polarized media FREE Shipping Three (3 Changes) fiberglass media pads with

Whispure 450 & 510 Filter Compat. for 1183054 HEPA Filter. This is a compatible Filters Fast Brand replacement filter for the following air purifier models: Whirlpool 450 Whirlpool 510 The FiltersFast Brand Whispure 450 & 510 Filter Replacement is a Whispure 450 & 510 Filter Compat. for 1183054

TOP BENEFITS OF AIR FILTERS Better air Simple to install Very durable Healthier lifestyle The days of breathing in dirty air are over! We made sure to create the best air filter we could by making sure it is very simple to use and of course we HIGH QUALITY AIR FILTER that can replace your Rabbit

A2Z OZONE INC. Presents Air-7000 Ozone Generator The Air-7000 will remove odor in any normal size room in just 5 minutes! (120 square feet) Sometimes, no matter how hard you scrub you just can't get that odor out. Fragrances use harsh chemicals that Neutralizes harsh odors in may different

Warranty 3 years. Keep your Pure Gold Air Purifier running smoothly with the Lasko Pure Gold Air Purifier 1 Year Replacement Filter Pack. 1 HEPA-Type Filter and 3 Carbon Filters Replacement Filter Pack for Model HF25620 Black and White

True CLEAN 16x25 Replacement Filter for FH8000F1625 Furnace Filter. As air is moving through your heating and cooling system, Honeywell True CLEAN deactivates 99%*** of captured particles like airborne dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores and other bacteria Merv 15 E1=90%, e2=96%, e3=99% Maximum-- 1350

1000BT-12 has industrial quality with a consumer price. This ozone generator uses high output Corona Discharge Ozone Tube, together with a high flow ball bearing Cooling Fan (25 CFM) to ensure steady and high ozone output, ideal for treating High output corona discharge ozone tube with low power

You are purchasing one Piece of G15T8 , TUV15W , 308643 - 18" UV, UV-C Germicidal Bi-Pin G13 Light Bulb 10,000 Hour Long Life Lamp 12 Month Warranty Includes Free Gloves for Handling 100% Compatible with the Philips G15T8 , TUV15W , 308643 Effective Hours Rating: 10,000hrs - Ultraviolet Germicidal

20 x 20 BioSponge plus air filter refill (6 pack) One year supply Efficiency: 93% Arrestance. Antimicrobial: Aegis Microbe Shield MERV: 8 Maintenance: 60 Day Pad life Quantity: (6) replacement pads 1 year supply