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Generic Essential Oil Diffuser for aromatherapy together by means of Cool Mist Humidifier and 7 Colour That apply to any Essential Oil

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>>> Generic Essential Oil Diffuser <<<

Generic Essential Oil Diffuser

Feature :

  • Safety: essential oil diffuser humilified and diffuse by way of ultrasonic principle to produce cold mist; FCC approval
  • Convenience:oil diffuser electrica by way of DC adaptor or USB, can be anywhere in house, office, possibly quite possibly outdoors
  • Area Cover: diffuser cover 400-600 ft2, by way of quickly diffusion and won't help to get the surface area wet; 100ml essential oil diffuser, repeat usage, no wil crysta up
  • Working Time: aromatherapy diffuser by way of excessive tier mist practices 4hours, low mist tier mist practices 8hours
  • Intelligent Operation: essential oils diffuser has look button which can realize 7 different color change and mist tier Plus intelligent norma detecting and electrica off when lower norma level

Details :

Please have fluids below the in vertical stripes.

previously press the "MIST" button, please help get certain that you have added fluids into the tank.

Mist manipulate
Touch "MIST" to switch the mist capacity in gradual changing--High Mist--Low Mist--Turn off.

Light manipulate
"RGB" is to manipulate the Light.

Touch "RGB" to choose the color in gradual changing--fix current cloor--red--blue--purple--green--yellow--cyan--white--OFF.

[Applicable Area] Aromatherapy: 400-600 ft2 /
Humidification: 240 ft2
[Size] 3.86 inch x 3.86 inch x 4.15 inch
[Weight] 0.35 Pounds
[Input] AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
[Output] DC5V 1A
[Length of vitality line] 59 inch
[Timer] superior Mist 4H,Low Mist 8H
[Ultrasonic Frequency] 3.0 MHz
[Water Capacity] 100 ml
[LED Light] 7 Color
[Main Material] PP, ABS

Package Contents:
1 x 100 ml Aroma Diffuser
1 x Charger Adaptor
1 x Measuring cup for filling fluids

Note: Oil is not for sale in the package

Gradual Changing--High Mist--Low Mist--Turn Off.

Light restrain
"RGB" Is To restrain The Light.

Touch "RGB" To Choose The Color during Gradual Changing--fix Current Cloor--red--blue--purple--green--yellow--cyan--white--OFF.


[Applicable Area] Aromatherapy: 400-600 Ft2 /
Humidification: 240 Ft2
[Size] 3.86 Inch X 3.86 Inch X 4.15 Inch
[Weight] 0.35 Pounds
[Input] AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
[Output] DC5V 1A
[Length Of vitality Line] 59 Inch
[Timer] High
Mist 4H,Low Mist 8H
[Ultrasonic Frequency] 3.0 MHz
[Water Capacity] 100 Ml
[LED Light] 7 Color
[Main Material] PP, ABS

Package Contents:
1 X 100 Ml Aroma Diffuser
1 X Charger Adaptor
1 X Measuring Cup For Filling h2o

Note: Oil Is Not bundled In The Package