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Blue Wave handheld Aero Spa Replacement filtration Cartridge- 4 Pack

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>>> Blue Wave lightweight Aero Spa Replacement <<<

Blue Wave lightweight Aero Spa Replacement

Feature :

  • Replacement form of filtration ink container Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 1/2
  • Constructed of Reinforced Polyester Material That is Pleated and Strains the minera of Debris with the help of Resin End Caps
  • Filter wants to Be Cleaned in the course of Least Every 120 Hours
  • Need to Be Replaced in the course of Least Once a Month relying on Use

Details :

The aero spa replacement sift container is specially made to collect oils, dirt, and silts.

It is constructed of reinforced polyester material that is pleated and strains the the standard water of debris by mean of resin end caps.

This sift fancies to be cleaned within least every 120 hours and is very uncomplicated and uncomplicated to use.

4 - pack

To Collect Oils, Dirt, And Silts.

It Is Constructed Of

Reinforced Polyester Material That Is Pleated And Strains

The standard water Of Debris with Resin End Caps.

This filtration wants To Be Cleaned with Least Every 120 Hours And Is uncomplicated To Use.

4 - Pack