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Alen Airnamic Dust, Pollen and Mold Filter, MERV 8, 20x25x1, 6-Pack HVAC/Furnace/AC Filter

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>>> Alen Airnamic Dust Pollen Mold <<<

Alen Airnamic Dust  Pollen Mold

Feature :

  • Captures sizeable particles such as pollen, mold spores, dust, dust mites, and pet hair
  • Attracts and captures ultra-fine particles want pet allergens, tobacco, bacteria, odors, and particles that may carry viruses
  • Electrostatically charged mass newspaper and tv attracts airborne allergens smaller than 1 micron
  • Fits 20x25x1 opening.

    Actual sift Dimensions: 19.5x24.5x1
  • Strong and durable frame prevents air bypass, pleat collapse and sift bowing

Details :


Our mission is to help you Live much much better together with cleaner air in your home.

A superior HVAC sift is an essential element in constructing a healthier dwelling environment.

As Indoor Air superior Specialist, Alen® pursues two main product lines; dwelling HVAC filters and exceptionally significant superior HEPA air purifiers.

Our HVAC filters are proudly built and manufactured in the USA, so superior is never sacrificed.

Discover how our dwelling filters can strengthen air superior throughout your whole entire dwelling and then one of our HEPA air purifiers in targeted rooms for the the majority of benefits.

Remember, your HVAC system does not perform 24/7, but a HEPA air purifier can.

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The Alen® Airnamic Silver Dust, Pollen and Mold MERV 8 sift is built to strengthen the air superior in your home, keeping your air conditioning and heating system jogging efficiently and saving you money on utilities and maintenance cost.

Our filters are exceptionally properly made together with a higher count of sharp, crisp pleats, tough durable frames and a wire mesh assistance grid reinforcing filtration media.

Giving you lower airflow resistance, greater power efficiency and superior you will not find in many different other brands or massive box retail.

Dollar for dollar, you will find Alen® Airnamic Silver filters to be the top value available.

HVAC Filters Are Proudly specially designed And Manufactured In The USA, So good quality Is Never Sacrificed.

Discover How Our family home Filters Can get innovations to Air good quality Throughout Your whole entire family home And Then One Of Our HEPA Air Purifiers In targeted Rooms For maximum Benefits.

Remember, Your HVAC System Does Not go 24/7, But A HEPA Air Purifier

(Check Out Our total sections Of "Alen® Air Purifiers" On Amazon.)


The Alen® Airnamic Silver Dust, Pollen And Mold MERV 8 sift Is specially designed To get innovations to The Air good quality In Your Home, Keeping Your Air Conditioning And Heating System functioning Efficiently And Saving You Money On Utilities And

Maintenance Cost.

Our Filters Are extremely nicely Made with A Higher Count Of Sharp, Crisp Pleats, tough Durable Frames And A Wire Mesh help support Grid Reinforcing Filtration Media.

Giving You Lower Airflow Resistance, Greater power Efficiency And good quality You Will Not Find In different other Brands Or major Box Retail.

Dollar For Dollar, You Will Find Alen® Airnamic Silver Filters To Be The top Value Available.