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Airsource 3000 Air Purifier by Shaklee

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>>> Airsource 3000 Air <<<

Airsource 3000 Air

Feature :

  • Designed for spaces up to 1000+ sqft
  • Active purification technology
  • Step 1: UV Photohydroionization unit for elimination of odors, gases, VOCs, and some microbial growth
  • Step 2: Negative ionization for particle removal
  • Minimal Maintenance and cleaning

Details :

The Shaklee AirSource 3000 utilizes two types of active purification technology.

The initial is a UV lamp is specially made use of and surrounded by suggests of additional devices that produces an state-of-the-art oxidation reaction.

The second devices used is ionization.

It is negative only which does remove particles if sufficiently positive ions (charges) are present in your space.